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Algae Natural Products

Algae Natural Products (ANP) is an innovative producer of oil from microalgae for the biodiesel market. ANP developed a unique and efficient technology, solving key obstacles in this area and, for the first time, making oil harvesting from microalgae a commercially viable process.

There is not enough land on this planet to produce all the oil needed in order for biodiesel to replace fossil diesel demands using the “standard” sources such as corn, soybean, Jatropa, etc. Microalgae are the most efficient biological system, utilizing sunlight, CO2 and nutrients to transform solar energy into chemical energy. They are extremely productive, 30-100X more than oil crops like corn, soybean or canola.

In addition, algae production does not compete with crop plants, forestry or any other kind of agriculture. Algae production requires arid marginal land and uses sea or brackish water, allowing them to be located on low cost non-agricultural land. On top of that, algae thrive on fairly high CO2 concentrations, and industrial-scale algae growing sites consume massive quantities of CO2. Algae cultivation can thus be supplied exhaust gases from power plants or any other gas emitting plants and help protect the environment.

ANP`s technologies provide suitable algae species the right conditions, driving them to produce oil at near-theoretical limits. Their nature, and minimal requirements, makes them ideal for industrial-scale production. ANP`s facilities are automated and cost-efficient. They are highly optimized, providing each cell the precise conditions needed for maximum productivity.

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